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Hot Dogs To Go
12v hot dog to go
Separate steaming compartment and warming rod
Create fun and easy meals on the go with this 12 volt portable hot dog cooker. Steams meats, vegetables, or eggs and warms buns.
Hot Dogs To Go
12 volt food steamer
The Burton Hot Dogs to Go has two separate heating elements a food steaming compartment and a warming rod. Hot Dogs, meats, vegetables, eggs and other steamable foods are placed in the steamer to cook. Meanwhile buns can be warmed using the warming rod. Ideal for camping, tailgating, on the job, while on long drives or cigarette lighter in your car, RV, boat or truck.
  • Cook up to six hot dogs at once and warm 4 buns at same time
  • Includes food and egg trays
  • Steam vegetables, meat, and hard boil eggs
  • Cooks fresh or frozen foods
  • Steam, warm or do both at once
  • Ideal for camping, tailgating, on the job, while on long drives, etc.
  • 12 volt DC power source
  • 144 watt output
  • 2.5 lbs
  • 10" x 5 1/8" x 10 3/4" (assembled)

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